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INSPIRED by Daisy was launched in honor of my great grandmother, Daisy, and also in honor of the three generations that learned by her example.  For my Grandma Daisy, waste was not a word in her vocabulary.  She taught my grandmother and my mother the value of the resources that are at your fingertips.  It took me over forty years to figure out what such women already knew.  It is not what you want in life that is important but what you already have.  I use this philosophy in my upcycled and reclaimed furniture.  Some pieces need just a little fresh finish and some minor repairs to be a useful piece in your home.  All of my furniture and decor are reflective of the farmhouse chic and cottage chic styles.  Some furniture and decor have not been refinished as they are pieces that my daughter and I, as a team, have acquired in our travels in a condition that is satisfactory to my line.  All merchandise is used and therefore not new and may have small imperfections.


Inspired by Daisy strips all painted furniture that it refinishes to ensure there is no chance of harmful paint left.  We do not sell furniture with lead paint on it because we care.  Please when purchasing vintage painted furniture, make sure it does not contain lead paint for your family's safety. 


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Custom Vintage Furniture Design from a Simpler Time


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